Realtor Express

Main Features

  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Listings management using WordPress internal post management system.
  • Real time address validation using Google Maps API.
  • Listings filter (search) widget.
  • Mini-map widget.
  • Interactive multi-map.
  • Manage each listing’s gallery using WordPress built in media manager.

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Using Realtor Express


TIP: Instead of using the shortcodes directly, use the do_shortcode() function inside a template file (e.g. single-rex_listing.php). This way the widget will be displayed on every listing and will save you the trouble of adding shortcodes manually for every listing.

Shortcode Description
[rex_gallery] Displays the gallery for the current listing.
[rex_map] Displays a Google map of the current listing.
[rex_multi_map] Displays a Google map with all (or some) of the listings.
[rex_details] Displays a table with the current listing details.
[rex_listings] Displays a paginated list of listings.

About listing types and styles:

Use listing types and style to help users find what they\’re looking for. Examples of listing types include “Condo”, “Duplex”, and “Townhouse”. Examples of listing styles include “Detached” and “Semi-detached”. Once you add a type or a style, it will be available in the listings filter (search) widget. If you remove all the terms of either the types or the styles, the corresponding field will not be available in the filter widget.

Locale and price format

Currency and price format are determined by the locale setting of the site. In order to change the locale, set the WPLANG constant in wp-config.php to the appropriate locale: define('WPLANG', '[locale]');. For example, in order to get Realtor Express to use Canadian Dollars, set the WPLANG constant to “en_CA” and to get it to use British Pounds, set it to “en_GB”. For more information visit WordPress in Your Language


Currently, Realtor Express provides 2 widgets: “REX Listing Filter” and “REX Multi Map”. The listing filter provides a simple form to allow users to filter listings based on specific parameters such as number of bedrooms or listing type. The multi map displays a mini-map (Google Map) of the site listings.