Weekly Class Schedule

Weekly Class Schedule generates a weekly schedule of classes using an ultra-simple interface.

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Main Features

  • Easily manage and update schedule entries (classes).
  • Manage and update the classes, instructors, and locations (classrooms) database.
  • Easy customization of schedule appearance and colors.
  • Selectable first day of week.
  • Includes “Today’s Classes” widget.
  • Fully supports both 12-hour and 24-hour clocks.
  • Use simple shortcode attributes to switch between standard and list layout.
  • Use a simple templating system to customize the class details display.
  • Supports multiple classrooms/schedules.
  • Switchable “Instructor collision detection” and “Location collision detection”.
  • Display class and instructor details directly on the schedule using qTip2.

For a demonstration of this plugin, visit this page.

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